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IID extends the deadline

(The Farm Unit Fallowing Program)…The Deadline has been extended.

The Imperial Irrigation District says the deadline for the amount of water desired to be conserved, none, a portion of, all, or more than the assigned target pro-rata share, has been extended to May 16. The IID will analyze and calculate the fallowed water target on May 16th. The rate for this program is currently $175 per acre foot with 80 percent of the proceeds going to the landowner and 20 percent to tenant farmers. Fields selected to participate in the program will be paid to lie fallow from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, during which time no water can be delivered to the contracted field. Information and applications are available at the IID website. Questions can be directed to the Fallowing Hotline at 760-339-9898.