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The county needs answers to be prepared

(The County Supervisors want some answers)…They have heard the ICE Detention Facility may be closing.

They have not heard that from Immigration and Customs Enforcement of Homeland Security. However, if it true, it could cost the County another 350 local jobs. The County is already facing a loss of 1,300 local jobs once the National Beef Plant closes in Brawley. The Supervisors want some answers. Tuesday the Board agreed to send  letters to Congressman Juan Vargas and US Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. The letters outline seriousness of the situation, and what it would mean to Imperial County to lose that many jobs. Supervisors Board Chairman John Renison said another letter would be sent to the political representative once a fiscal impact report is prepared. The Union representing the contracted correctional officers at the Detention Facility has been asking the Supervisors for their support. In March ICE officials said the Contracted Correctional officers contract is up in June, and they would not speak on the issue with negotiations pending.