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What is going on with the ICE Detention Facility?

(There seems to be a communications problem with Homeland Security)…It seems Homeland Security will not communicate.

The Board of Supervisors said their quest for information on the possible closing of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention Facility is turning up nothing. They say some sources say the facility will definitely be closing, others say it has not been officially announced; still others say it is just a matter of setting a date. Homeland Security, when contacted by the county and other concerned parties, is saying absolutely nothing. If the facility closes, the federal employees would be transferred to other areas. However, over 200 contracted correctional officers, many of them Veteran’s, would be left unemployed. The Supervisors said Tuesday they are trying to arrange for the correctional officers be allowed to transition into the new private facility built near the East Port of Entry, but that is difficult without a firm date from Homeland security.