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Attempt to revive the Colorado River Delta

(Colorado River Delta to receive an infusion of water)….The Delta in Mexico is all but dried up.

The infusion of water is seen as a revitalization effort. The water will be released from Morelos Dam in Mexico, west of Yuma. The release of 105,000 acre-feet of water was announced by the Bureau of Land Management. It will begin March 23rd and continue for about 8 days. The pulse flow, as it is being called, is seen as critical to restoration efforts of the Colorado River Delta. The Delta was once a lush area, but has gone dry in recent decades. The planned release was part of the Minute 319 agreement, of which the Imperial Irrigation District is a part. The agreement also allows Mexico to store some of its Colorado River allotment while the repairs on Baja Agriculture infrastructure are completed. The canal system in Baja California was extensively damaged in the 2010 Magnitude 7 earthquake. A Binational Ceremony celebrating the water release will be held at Morelos Dam on March 27th.