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2014 Fair numbers are very good

(2014 California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta)…It was a success.

Attendance numbers prove it. Officials released the final attendance figures Wednesday evening. They indicate the Fair this year came very close to last year’s record attendance numbers. During the ten-day run of this year’s Fair 101,359 attended the event. That is down just 2 percent from last year’s attendance. Fair Chief Executive Officer Teresa Garcia said the fact they were down just a little bit is amazing when you think of the bad weather experienced the first two days of the Fair. Scattered Rains and wind held crowds down the first Saturday of the Fair, typically one of the busiest days of the ten-day run. Officials say 56 local acts performed at this years Fair. The Junior Livestock Auction generated around $1,755, 516 for the sellers. Food and concession sales were up were up 13 percent. Helm and Sons Amusements say carnival ride sales reached near record numbers. Officials say with the elimination of state subsidies for Fair, it is very important that the California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta be self-supporting through generation of its own funds.