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IID warns against a new scam

(If you get a call from the Electric Company, it is not the IID)….It is most likely a scam.

The Imperial Irrigation District says they have received information from customers of the scam. They say they have received calls from an individual or calling system claiming to represent the electric company. The District says the calls appear to be generated from a dialing system that uses voice recognition. Recipients are asked to press 1 on their cell phones for various options, which include the opportunity to be put on a do not call list, receive free electricity for six months, support legislation to lower electric rates and more. The IID says these calls are not coming from the District. It is highly recommended that anyone receiving such a call should hang up to avoid being a victim. They say it is extremely likely fraudulent and could be very unsafe. Robert Fuggett, superintendent of Customer Service Administration, says the IID assumes that if a caller does something other than just hang up, they could get scammed in some way. This scam comes about a month after the District reported a rash of fraudulent emails to customers.