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New vote to adjust water rate schedule

(IID Board takes another vote on Municipal Water Rates)….Again, the Directors agreed to reduce the rates.

The new vote was to clarify the previous vote, as requested by interim General Counsel Ross Simmons. The Attorney said they needed to clarify whether the vote concerned just municipalities, or did it include all those who had their water rates increased a few years ago. Imperial Irrigation District Director Matt Desert made the new motion, saying the water rate of $68 per acre-foot would be reduced back down to the original $20 per acre-foot. The motion was approved unanimously. Two weeks ago, after the Directors approved the rate reduction, there were complaints the vote was not legal because it had not been specifically listed on the agenda. Tuesday the IID Officials said they stand by their response. That the vote had been legal because rate increases are part of the IID Budget, and the Board was discussing the budget at the time the motion was made.