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Keeping Your Pets Safe In An Emergency

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - The best way to protect your family during an emergency  situation is to have a disaster plan in place. If you are a pet owner, that  plan must include your pets. A little preparation can save their lives.

Nonprofit PetSmart Charities, the leader in pet adoptions and largest  funder of animal welfare efforts in North America,  urges people to create an emergency preparedness plan specifically for their  pets.

Start by assembling a pet supply kit. It will take just a few minutes to  pull items together now that will make a big difference when disaster  strikes. PetSmart Charities suggests including the following items in an  easy-to-carry, waterproof container:

• Your pet’s food, water and medications. Remember to look at  expiration dates and replace these as often as needed to maintain freshness.

• Contact information of your veterinarian in the event you have to  foster or board your pet.

• Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions and any  behavioral problems in case your pet has to temporarily stay somewhere away  from you.

• Current photos of your pet with your contact information in case  he or she gets lost.

• Easily transportable pet beds, a portable water bowl and a  favorite toy to reduce your pet’s stress.

Some other helpful guidelines include:*

• Keep dogs and puppies securely leashed outside your home and when  traveling in the car.

• Always transport cats and kittens in carriers.

• Don’t leave pets unattended anywhere they might run off.

• Contact hotels and motels outside of your area about their pet  policies and any restrictions on number, size and species. Ask if a “no  pet” policy can be waived in an emergency situation. Keep this list  handy in your supply kit.

Even the calmest pets may panic during an emergency and hide or try to  bite, scratch or escape, so you might consider having your pets microchipped,  to more easily locate them if they are lost.

PetSmart Charities also helps pet parents stay informed during emergency  situations. Stay connected by signing up for e-mail alerts at  

Preparing before disaster strikes will help you evacuate with your pets  quickly and safely. By following these simple steps, you may just save a  life.

*Sources:  PetSmart Charities, American Red Cross and American Veterinary Medical  Association