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Filner Peads Guilty

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has plead guilty to charges stemming from sexual harrassment of several women.

Filner entered a guilty plea to one count of felony false imprisonment and two counts of misddemeanor battery. The guilty pleas were entered in San Diego County Superior Courth this morning.

Under terms of the plea agreement , Filner , a Democrat who represented Imperial County in Congress prior to being elected Mayor of San Diego , must surrender his Mayoreal pension from the date of the felony , March 6, 2013 , until the August 23, 2013 , the date of his resignation. He will serve probation for three years and home confinement for three months. The agreement also prohibits Filner from seeking or holding public office again. As a consequence of the felony plea , Filner may not vote , serve on a jury or own a firearm while on probation.

Filner is also required to undergo treatment as directed by a mental health professional throughout his probation. Fines including restitution , probation and court fees will be determined at Filner's sentencing. Violation of terms of the probation could result in 6 months in jail.

The California Attorney General's Office and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department conducted the investigation into the ex-Mayors abuse of power.