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Amazing Farm Moms

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Just about every American farm family includes an unsung  hero: the “farm mom.” Doing everything from keeping the books to  combining the fields, 30 percent of today’s primary farm operators are  women.

They grow our food, our economy and our way of life—while also  growing the next generation. The America’s Farmers Mom of  the Year contest recognizes these amazing women.

From Arizona to Maine, vegetable farms to cattle ranches,  supporters shared their favorite farm mom’s contributions. American Agri-Women whittled down the vast pool of worthy  nominations to five regional winners.

From the Northwest: “An orthopedic surgeon raised  in Detroit, she knew in her heart she was born  to be a Montana  rancher. She received an Angus bull instead of an engagement ring.”

From the Midwest: “She is a strong  voice for agriculture and is an amazing example of a woman farmer. I could  not imagine a better partner.”

From the Southwest: “Mom takes great pride in promoting agriculture  and her life as a dairy farmer. Every year, up to 1,500 children come to  visit the dairy. My mom has always inspired those around her.”

From the Northeast: “Travel with me to the gently rolling hills of Ohio to meet a true  champion for agriculture. My mom has raised pigs, cows, sheep, corn, beans,  wheat, children and now grandchildren.”

From the Southeast: “Elizabeth  is the glue that holds our family together. Whether she is driving a tractor,  feeding cows or caring for her family, she is 100 percent on the job.”

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