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Back-To-School Checklist for Mom

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for moms who find the back-to-school (BTS) season a stressful time.

With a little bit of planning, a few new tools  and some well-deserved personal time, it’s possible for a mom to manage  all her responsibilities in style.

A recent BTS readiness survey for P&G by ORC International found that  93 percent of moms say they face challenges when sending their kids back to  school, and half of moms interviewed say shopping for supplies, and the cost  of those supplies, are the most challenging aspects of all.

In addition, 85 percent of moms surveyed agree that having a clean,  well-organized home helps kids perform better in school, while 70 percent of  moms say their top strategy for getting their kids motivated and excited for  back-to-school season is to involve them in back-to-school supply shopping.  And 55 percent say that starting school with a fun celebration is among the  best things they do for their family to prepare for back to school.

Helpful Tips

To help, this fall, P&G is arming moms with more than just  back-to-school supplies. P&G Mom’s Back-to-School Checklist  provides tips and tricks for navigating the hectic back-to-school season and  alleviates some of Mom’s stress by helping her check items such as  shopping for supplies, getting the house in order and preparing the kids for  the new regimen, off her list.

For example, getting your kids back on a regular sleep schedule for the  school year may take some preparation, but if you start early, it will help  prepare them for the first day of school and also bring a pleasant end to  summer.

Try these tips:

• Make the Most of Your Lists—A favorite organizational  strategy for moms everywhere—there’s no shortage of “lists”   as moms make their back-to-school preparations. Remember to keep your lists  handy, whether it’s a pad of paper in your purse or a note-taking app  on your smartphone-your lists won’t do you any good if they’re  sitting at home while you’re out and about!

• Prepare Your Home—Before school starts, carve out time to  organize and deep clean your home. Look for opportunities to involve your  kids, and always donate or pass on what’s still in good condition and  usable.

• Choose to Celebrate!—Instead of facing the new school year  with a sense of dread, plan something fun or active for your kids in the days  before school begins to celebrate the coming school year. Organize an  activity with some school friends your kids may not have seen much over the  summer to get them excited about going back to school or plan a special  family dinner and share favorite summer memories as well as what everyone is  most looking forward to in the new school year.

Make Some Time For Mom

According to “Mom Generations” blogger Audrey McClelland, moms  also need to set some time aside for themselves.

Said McClelland, who has four sons of her own heading back to school this  fall, “The most important back-to-school tip I can offer is a reminder  to moms to take time for themselves during this busy time-and there are  simple ways to do that.”

She suggests the following:

1. Before the kids wake up for school, enjoy a cup of coffee in your quiet  house.

2. Take a morning walk with a friend in your neighborhood to kick off your  day.

3. Try some morning yoga.

4. After the kids are dropped off at school (or just before you pick them  up), take 30 minutes for a manicure/pedicure.

5. Slip an e-reader into your purse and use idle minutes when you’re  waiting for your kids to lose yourself in the latest best seller. For  additional tips, check out P&G Mom’s Back-to-School Checklist at  and join the conversation at  and on Twitter (@pgeveryday).