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Three Ways To Help Your Kids In School

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - According to the experts at the University of Illinois,  there are several steps that parents can take to help their youngsters learn  to enjoy learning and do well in school.

What Parents Can Do

These tactics can be easier and less expensive than many people realize.  Ideas include:

• Read articles in the newspaper together.

• Visit natural history museums, science museums, art museums,  children’s museums, zoos, botanical gardens and historical sites.

• Help keep the classroom stocked with supplies.

A study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association found that  parents were the major supplemental source of classroom supply funding,  spending an average of $19 per student on classroom supplies. Now, however,  the world’s largest office supply company, Staples, has a new program  that can help at no extra charge.

With Staples’ new Reward-A-Classroom program, parents can help  teachers stock their classroom with supplies all year long at no extra cost  by linking their personal Staples Rewards card to a teacher. Through  Reward-A-Classroom, parents will now get an additional two percent back in  rewards on everything they buy at Staples (excluding postage, phone/gift  cards and savings passes) and five percent back on copy and print orders paid  directly to their teacher. The Reward-A-Classroom program is on top of the  five percent back in rewards that parents are already earning by being a part  of the Staples Rewards program.

What Schools Can Get

Staples has hundreds of the essential supplies that students need  year-round, including classroom decor, dictionaries, book covers, locker  accessories, stickers, colored pencils, crayons, children’s markers,  arts and craft supplies, scrapbook supplies, drafting tools, poster display  foam board, easel pads, maps, globes, academic calendars, student organizers  and teacher planners.

Learn More

To sign up for free Staples Rewards membership or for more information  about the program, visit