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Seasonal Driving Checklist

Palm Springs, California (NAPSI) - Whether drivers are trading out their ice scrapers for an  open sunroof or putting the cover on the convertible after another summer  driving season, experts advise that seasonal car prep should go beyond the  basic wash and wax.

With that in mind, consider these car care tips for keeping your vehicle  looking and running in tip-top shape.

Check tire tread depth. To  check tread depth, look inside the grooves on the tire. At every six to 10  inches, a raised wear bar will appear, and if the tread is worn to the same  height as the bar, it’s time to replace the tire. Make sure to check  for wear at several spots on each tire, as wear may not always be even. If  new tires are needed, be sure to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s  recommendation for size and type of tires, as the wrong tire can hurt vehicle  handling.

Verify battery strength. Don’t  assume all is well with the car battery just because your vehicle starts.  While some drivers may be able to check their own battery, this is usually  best left to the professionals.

Regularly monitor tire pressure.  Underinflated tires reduce fuel mileage and optimal handling, and can suffer  unnoticeable damage that compromises car performance and safety. Check tire  pressure often; don’t just “set it and forget it.”

Pay attention to brake operation.  Properly functioning brakes are essential to vehicle safety. Disc brakes on  modern vehicles are exposed to road salt, dirt and moisture, which together  can create problems. Pay attention when braking. Does your vehicle stop evenly  or does it seem to pull to one side? This can indicate a malfunction if it  occurs on a variety of road surfaces and should be checked immediately. What  about noise? While an occasional noise is not uncommon, unusually loud or  constant noises when applying the brakes should be checked by a professional.

Inspect/replace wiper blades.  The joys of a leisurely drive through changing scenery can be quickly erased  by a freak thunderstorm, especially if that’s when you discover you  need new wiper blades. The rubber used in wiper blades can become dry and  brittle during the hotter months, especially if they’ve already been  through a season of snow and rain. Replace them early to ensure a clear view  of the road ahead.

Essentially, explains Tim Quinn, vice president, AfterSales, Porsche Cars  North America, Inc., a new season is “the perfect time to review  critical car safety functions.”

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