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Business Owners Finding Free Time In The “Cloud”

San Diego, California (NAPSI) - Innovative technology is helping a growing number of  small-business owners finally enjoy some vacation time.

That’s the word from experts who say affordable cloud-based systems  are giving business owners and office managers a way to stay in control of  their company’s operations wherever they are.

By moving their financial records to an online solution, business owners  are able to manage their money, bill their customers, pay their bills and  even oversee their employees’ or bookkeeper’s activities from  anywhere, even the beach.

Plus, online information can be more secure given that it is protected by  bank-level security measures rather than scattered about multiple offices,  desks and briefcases. All that’s needed is a smartphone  or any connection to the Internet.

To help business owners streamline their operation, René Lacerte, CEO and founder of, a leading bill payment, invoicing and cash management  online solution, offers the following tips:

• Abandon the manual method for payables and receivables and switch  to a new cloud-based, automated cash flow management system such as  

• Sync your company’s cash flow data with your existing  accounting software and link it to your bank. This will let you streamline  operations so you only need to go to one screen to get all your work done  from wherever you might be.

• Facilitate customer payments by sending automated reminders to  customers. This lets you keep your cash flow going without wasting time  manually sending e-mails or calling.

• Scan all your needed documents to your online solution. That way,  you can vacation without bringing any paperwork—and all the data you  need will be at your fingertips.

• Increase your fraud  protection when you are out of the office. Don’t worry about checks  being lost, stolen or altered when your mail starts stacking up. By using ePayments to both send and receive funds, you never have  to worry.

• Encourage customers and vendors to go paperless by sending bills  and payments electronically through your system. That way, everyone can work  more efficiently and effectively. You are apt to get fewer calls or e-mails  if everyone has easy access to information.

• Control access to your company’s cash flow data by setting  up a cloud-based system that allows only certain employees to view specific  data and perform preapproved tasks. This eliminates mistakes and the ability  to alter your data.

Plus, by moving the functions online now, business owners can enjoy more  time away from their desk in any season.

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