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Bring Sunlight To Any Room

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Tubular skylights are a sleek new way to easily transfer the  beauty of natural sunlight into your home.

These innovative light sources can  brighten spaces that lack natural sunlight, beautifully illuminating closets,  hallways, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

The natural light transferred through tubular skylights can reduce  eyestrain and may even act as a mood elevator. What’s more, they may  help with energy costs because they may reduce the number of fixtures needed  in a room. Maximizing daylight means you could go the whole day without  turning on a light.

How It Works

A tubular skylight system captures and sends natural light down through  highly reflective tubing. The diffuser, which is ceiling mounted, then  spreads the light evenly through the room.

Now, the ODL ENERGY STAR−qualified Tubular Skylight system includes  a Solar Powered Dimmer, which allows you to control the amount of natural  light by simply installing it into a new or existing 10-inch ODL Tubular  Skylight. A three-button remote control operates the dimmer’s shade  from inside the house. At the touch of a button, you can regulate the amount  of natural light, making this a particularly good choice for a media room,  nursery, bedroom or any place where light restrictions are sometimes desired.  In addition, the dimmer is the first of its kind that requires no hard  wiring. Instead, it uses solar energy, which makes it easier and less  expensive to install.

As a bonus, the design integrates two LED lights, giving you the option  for a soft glow into an otherwise dark room or hallway during the hours of  darkness—handy for families with small children who wake up in the  middle of the night.

The ODL Tubular Skylight and Solar Powered Dimmer are available separately  or as a package at major home retailers.

Learn More

For further facts, visit,  call (866) 635-4968 or view a demonstration on YouTube.