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Software Can Help Kids Learn How To Type

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for parents who would like to help their child  or grandchild acquire a skill that can last a lifetime typing.

A new version of the award-winning software Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing  Powered by UltraKey is now available.

Learning to type is an asset for a child in elementary or middle school,  or for a teen moving to high school or college. It can also assist a young  adult post-graduation by making him or her a more suitable candidate for that  first job.

The Mavis Beacon program (Macintosh and Windows compatible) uses a  success-based method to produce positive results in eight hours of  instruction.

Students start by setting goals for speed and accuracy and then  incorporate new keystrokes, blending them into pairs, chains, words and,  eventually, sentences.

The system can also benefit those seeking new employment opportunities or  who are re-entering the workplace.

The program is available in two editions. The Family Edition offers a  management tool for up to eight users, a parental guide and a user guide. The  Personal Edition is geared for the single user.

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