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Allergen-Free Lifestyle

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - You or someone you care about probably has a food allergy or  sensitivity. More than 15 million Americans and nearly one in every 13  children have food allergies, and the numbers only continue to rise,  according to Food Allergy Research and Education.

Fortunately, it’s now  easier than ever to maintain an allergen-free lifestyle thanks to a variety  of new products that let the entire family enjoy slightly modified versions  of the foods they know and love.

Chef Suzy Singh, R&D Chef at a leading natural foods manufacturer, NOW  Real Food, offers these tips on living allergen- and gluten-free:

1) A variety of basic, everyday foods and cooking essentials can be part  of an allergen-free diet. Swap the wheat, barley, rye, oats and spelt for  rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, potato flour, amaranth, quinoa,  white rice flour, brown rice flour, xanthan gum, guar gum, sorghum,  buckwheat, teff and millet. The new Living Now™ line of  allergy-friendly products is designed to offer everyday gluten-free and  allergy-friendly essentials to those looking to eat the things they love  without the hassle it once was.

2) Read the label. There are many gluten-free options on the shelves. Look  up anything you don’t understand or contact the manufacturer.

3) Eating gluten-free can still be delicious and an option for everyone  with help from NOW Foods. The company uses the latest manufacturing practices  to ensure quality. Its products are made without dairy, wheat, soy, nuts,  eggs, peanuts, tree nuts or fish, and are produced in a dedicated  allergy-friendly facility.

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