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New Help And Hope For Dyslexics

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - If you or someone you care about is among the one in five  people affected by dyslexia-a disability that makes reading difficult-there  may be good news for you.

Those struggling to manage the condition can now find hope in the 1in5  Initiative, a new campaign to drive greater public awareness of dyslexia  through online PSAs and an interactive website:

Understanding Dyslexia

Despite its prevalence, dyslexia is commonly misunderstood and can be  difficult to diagnose, causing emotional, social and educational struggles.

Here’s what’s known about it: As with many learning  disabilities, people are born with dyslexia and it is often shared across  generations. It doesn’t go away-you can’t outgrow it or take  medication for it. It occurs in people of all races and income levels.

Research indicates that the brains of people with dyslexia are organized  differently than those without the disorder, causing difficulties processing  printed content into meaningful information. At the same time, many people  with the disorder are exceptionally bright and creative. They may struggle  with processing information in printed form, but they often have exceptional  talents and strengths in other areas-a fact borne out by the remarkable  number of highly accomplished leaders in business, the arts and other fields  who have dyslexia.

What To Do About It

There’s no cure, but dyslexic individuals can adjust and succeed with  the right educational support and accommodations. For instance, experts often  recommend audiobooks for students, as they are recognized for their  effectiveness in improving comprehension, reducing the stress of studying,  and helping children regain their confidence in the classroom.

Parents and students can share their stories and help others find answers  and resources to manage the condition as quickly and easily as possible  through The site  is optimized with video and audio content for those who struggle to read  print and is filled with input from dyslexics of all ages.

Visitors are encouraged to share a video story or upload a blog post about  their dyslexia tribulations and triumphs.

The idea is that through community awareness efforts and sharing real-life  dyslexia stories, common misconceptions will be alleviated and individuals  will be encouraged with resources and a sense of hope. The 1in5 Initiative is  powered by Learning Ally, a national nonprofit that provides audiobooks and  educational solutions to support all people who learn differently.

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